Insulating my ceilings

Drg-2a-sectionThis is my ceiling structure. Below the concrete floor of the flat above is a 50 mm cavity containing all the wiring for my flat – both power and lighting. This is faced with plasterboard mounted on timber battens.  I am going to screw new timbers over the existing battens, fit insulation between them and cover it all with more plasterboard screwed into the new timbers.

Aside from thermal insulation, I need to be careful about fire resistance. So, the gaps between the plasterboard sheets will be filled with scrim (fabric reinforcement) and plaster to give a smooth surface.  This surface will then be papered and painted.

If the flat was empty and the work was being done by professionals the plasterboard would have been skimmed with plaster before papering and painting. However, mine is fully furnished – carpets and all. Also, I can do small plastering jobs but not a whole ceiling.  I am sure my ceiling will be serviceable and tidy – and hopefully the room will be a great deal more comfortable.  I deal with the details of thermal comfort in the section on energy.

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