Storage prediction – the first run

Right. Here are the results for the first run using the BBC weather app.

Using a spreadsheet, I typed in the predicted values over 24 hours for temperature (oC), wind speed (mph) and sunshine (0-5) for two days – Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th. I then calculated the average of each for both days and compared them.
                      Wed  19/10/2016                          Thurs    20/10/2016
Measured      Temp   Wind   Sun                   Temp   Wind   Sun
Average:             10.09   9.26    2.36                       9.00        7.74       3.20                           Difference                                                                 -1.09      -1.52      0.84

Thus, Temp goes down by 1.09 oC (colder), Wind speed goes down by 1.52 mph (warmer) and the sunshine goes up by 0.84 units(warmer).   I don’t know how sensitive my flat is to these three factors, so I have set starting values of 1.0 for each one.  Temperature and Sunshine need to have negative factors (-1.0) since an increase in either will reduce the heat needed.
Factor                           -1.0         1.0        -1.0
Diff x factor                1.09      -1.52    -0.84
 Total                                        -1.27
So, Thursday should be a bit warmer than Wednesday (I am writing this on Wednesday night) and I should reduce the input setting slightly on the storage heaters.

In fact, the range of values for the input dial is small, so I will leave it alone and see if tomorrow feels warmer than today has been.

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