Much of what we need to do to live more sustainably costs very little: LED light bulbs are coming down in price all the time and changing our lifestyle might costs nothing. However, insulation (see Energy) and air conditioning (see Health) done seriously are a different matter and most flat-dwellers will need to look for external funding to carry them out.

As I report on the home page, I am going to Ecobuild to look for possible collaborators in research or product development projects.  Most companies will have arranged this well in advance, but smaller ones might not. Academic researchers are less likely to have these resources, and be more interested in additional sources.

Charities and quasi-governmental organisations do sometimes have money to spend in this way, but have stringent conditions for applicants and fund holders. Here I shall be working with Seaton Development Trust (see Home item) who have the right structure and a record of previous funding successes.